Silly Sunday Sketches

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon? 


Abstract: The Art of Design. - Christoph Niemann

In the first minute I was wrapped in it but also distracted.

Disclaimer: Not a regular Blog Post. I've not written this as any form of a guide, Merely to be thought provoking and reflective on a life challenging subject. 


The image below inspired and spelt some kind of truth to me. It had to appear in the first minute though making me obsess over creating. This led me to leave the documentary till later and create this which the blog needed to introduce. For the last two years I’ve been engaged heavily in Social Media. From Facebook to Instagram, Google + you name it. In this day and age for an artist it is a fantastic medium to Share their work -  and REALLY To Get Noticed!!

Christoph Niemann's Image Adaptation Redrawn By Me

Christoph Niemann's Image Adaptation Redrawn By Me

In doing so I entered another world that became immersive. After the first year had passed I’ve lost all interest.  From being told I needed to sink hours into engaging my audience; however it is well documented that it can be a huge distraction and depressant. I experienced this. Many of my friends have shared their similar experiences with me. 

That’s when I realised the power social media can have and how we need to change our perspective on it to change our lives. 

We lose so much time to this…. Thing.


Somehow I've managed to find a great balance. I rarely to never use "social" anymore outside of work where I need to post. I may be more uninformed about certain things. Mostly things that don’t matter. Conversations have now become better. I don’t know what my friends were up to In the last hour so I call to ask them about their day.

I have time to read articles, books and journals.

Most Importantly for myself. When I travel now I am not stuck behind a phone or even a camera. I would love more people to make the same resolution.

Images on Facebook or Instagram are great and inspirational sure.  When I’m somewhere worth travelling I don’t want to be encumbered with the stress of uploading. I don’t want to show off by illustrating my view on my life in the moment, but share a more accurate portrayal afterwards with a story - when I don’t have things to discover; when there are conversations to be had.

In the Louvre I saw hundreds of people lining up to take a photo of the ever famous Mona Lisa painting. Cameras held high - pushing and shoving; like Cattle. Behind them hung a masterpiece. 

"The Wedding Feast at Cana."

Taking the whole wall and much more breathtaking. I can guarantee that hundreds missed the opportunity to give consideration to it. To me that has been a picture of the difference between engaging with life and engaging with the infinite audience. 

Social media is a great inspirer. Keep being inspired by people. I’d love to see you do something with that inspiration. I'd like to be some inspiration and not an account you flit between but return to for quality travel encouragement and ideas. If I manage to do that for you. Promise me one thing - Think of the image below and Live in the moment when you're away. Facebook will be there for later. 

Safe Travels.