Perth Photolive

I was thankful to be brought over to Perth to teach at Photolive (a photography expo run by Camera Electronic Perth). One of my keynote topics was retouching so rather than sit down at the computer and do the typical "watch me work". I wanted to show the thought process from capture to retouch as what goes through my mind on capture is really important to what the outcome will be.

Sumi Final

I brought in a fantastic Model and Singer Sumi to be our model and heres a list of the gear below:

Camera: Olympus OMD EM1 Mk2 and 45 1.2 PRO lens

Lights: Profoto B1x Large White Umbrella Diffused with a specular fill from an A1 with dome diffuser and black card so there was no bounce from the ceiling and a white Profoto L Bounce held camera left.

Capture: Olympus Capture - Retouch Photoshop

My motive when retouching is to keep the real person there including texture and shape so as seeing below the difference is not massive and the end result is still Sumi. Using a range of methods that I have brought together unconventionally I can get a fast amazing result I would be happy blowing up on a billboard.

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Lighting Setup

Lighting Setup