Sharon and Dan

Sharon and Dan's day if three words were given to it would be: fun, friendly and fantastic.

The sweltering heat was almost forgotten, well it was for me underneath the A/C where I tried but failed to remain. As I moved about the room we captured what is truly family and friends of all time. My assistant Laura certainly had her work cut out for her, working with me for the first time but excelling on the go! We met the couple at the church at midday and then proceeded from there to a local garden. I think they were really liking having us there as we then extended our time for the reception which hadn't been asked for or included before during the organising.

So we finished in the RSL at their reception where the family got their group shots done while liquor and stories flowed.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day and the great feedback.

Ill let the photos speak now.