Mildura Class - 19/20th May Portrait and Landscape.

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Portrait Workshop - Saturday 19th May

Approx. 9 - 5pm - Location Mildura close to CBD

Learn the art of Portraiture from an industry experienced industry photographer teaching at several Universities and supported by Hasselblad, Profoto with an extensive commercial client list. 

A full comprehensive day  with breaks covering everything you need to know.

Studio Flash - Natural Light - Posing - Processing - Engaging

Starting with the basics of your camera and light. We will move into lighting a model indoors with highest industry lights and controlling it for yourself hands on! Learn posing and placement and how you can translate that into outdoors work as well with lighting and without. Finally discussing a short amount of post production work.

This will get you ready to tackle any scenario that portraiture throws at you and get you confident to take stunning images with your own camera. Also ask me anything no question is off limits.

Bring your own Camera, any lenses will work but anything in the 50-200 full frame or 35-100 crop sensor will be ideal.

Normally $600 for my sessions in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth I am doing a special for the Mildura community at $225 for a full day (approx. 9 - 4 with breaks). Book now link below.

Maximum 15 People. If this exceeds and a second one books up I can run another session, or get in contact and I can look at expanding.



Dramatic Light like Rembrandt

Dramatic Light like Rembrandt

Cinematic Dramatic Lighting 

Cinematic Dramatic Lighting 

High End Fashion

High End Fashion

Landscape Workshop - Sunday 20th May

Approx. 11 - 7pm - Meet Location Mildura close to CBD

Landscape, something every photographer loves in some form or another. Theres something peaceful about spending time seeing sunrises, sunsets and visiting beautiful vistas.

Learn from an experienced teacher who is passionate about landscapes both as a personal subject and for clients.

Take in the basics taught in a way you may not expect that has changed my view and quality by making a few small adjustments to the very fundamentals.
We will talk about setting and go out and practise these together during the day followed by a brief look at processing.

Then from there we will head out to capture the sunset at a stunning local spot to hone our skills as I move around helping people one on one.  Book now link below.

After dinner (not provided), I will stay around for those who wish to get help with some astro photography.

Things to bring: Your Camera, Tripod (if you have one preferably), whatever lenses you have (Zoom and Wide are best to have a range), filters if you use them (not necessary).




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