An interesting inflated idea...


If you wondered about yesterday’s post, missed the live stream, or it was just too dodgy streaming from an abandoned railway station in a tunnel.

This is what we got up to:

In the morning I woke up to messages telling me about theflooded railway station so despite the rain I headed down to the tunnel to see what we could get. After navigating foggy roads I arrived amazed to find two other photographers I knew, Matt and Karan from a photography trip to NZ. 

Karen had already attempted to walk through the water and get a shot, after two steps he was neck deep in water and had to quickly raise his camera to prevent the inevitable. This was the best I could manage. 

Realising that it was going to be a fruitless endeavour without a water-craft my crazy side kicked in.

 Calling my mate Blake was the first step. Followed by an hour of running around to shops because of course at the end of summer every blow up craft goes out of stock! This is what ensued: 

Blowing up a raft that really was designed for a pool and using a kayak paddle we navigated down the unknown waters towards the tunnel. Just phone in hand trying to live stream the event.

We managed to get into the tunnel through the waterfall with no mishaps.

Thats when the already jumpy livestream cut out. Turns out there is no reception in a bricked up tunnel… who'd have thought! 


The tunnel which started wide and tall enough that the paddle couldn’t reach the either side sharply changed. 

About 50 meters in and we could even manoeuvre the paddle and the roof was getting closer and closer to our heads as the tunnel dipped. Eventually causing us to turn around and make our way back. It was then I decided to switch off the torch and Wow what a sight. Im sorry I couldn't capture this on camera no settings would've allowed this to work well. Glow worms lined the ceiling in a soft luminous glow which was just visible. The sight was amazing and as we floated in almost darkness except for the light at the end of the tunnel it made it worth it.

Paddling back to the car, it was time to risk some serious gear. Managing to convince a lovely couple to come on down for a shoot we managed to coordinate some amazing shots from inside and out of the tunnel with them. Thanks so much guys for being amazing sports! Probably the best engagement photos someone could have if they're willing to do something adventurous!

Thanks for watching along on the live stream those who tried and hope you enjoyed the little crazy Saturday Story.

P.s. We did finish with 'boat beers' (our inflatable had an esky) 20$ how good is that!